Sample workouts: (some exercises are advanced, and you should have a trainer show you how to do them- epaecially 1 &2)
Monday: 1.Dumbell squat snatches, 45 lb., I worked up to 1 heavy rep on each side
2.Overhead kettlebell squats, 53 lb., 3rep. each side
3.Jumping lunges, 3 x 8 rep. each side, 40 lb. dumbells
4.Kettlebell swings, 3 x 5
5.Grasshoppers- 2x 7 each side. (Mountain climber position), bring right foot to left hand & back; left foot to right hand & back
Abs.: v-ups. This next one is difficult for me- too tight, working on it: kneeling back bend


About Dean Coffman, Artist

Into art and fitness- Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting. Eclectic. Christian. Conservative. Frustrated (have ideas to help improve society- even gays might think I'm right on!, hard to get influential people to believe me).
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